Free Bird Remedies {a local business story}

Out in this little, “small town” Mojave desert, it’s pretty hard to find great quality, handmade products. I heard about Freebird Remedies through a few friends of mine, and without even realizing it, I was already a member of the Freebird Remedies Facebook group (I like to think it was just meant to be)!

I’ve always been a LUSH lover, but after talking to Megan briefly, she told me that even LUSH has preservatives in their products, so  it was a no brainer for me when it came to shifting over to Freebird Remedies. Megan has a lot of unique ideas that expand beyond the realms of LUSH; Some including: Ouchie Ointments: a part of her First Aide line; that can replace Neosporin,  and Elderberry Syrup: a syrup that you can use to help boost your immune system, and of course, her really beautiful bath bombs, shampoo bars, body butters, bath melts, cleansing doughs, toothpastes, deodorants and MANY more. If I  can support a local business, and a hard working, beautiful mom in my hometown– I’m sold! And I highly encourage you all to check it out too!

I asked Megan to write up a little bio about her company, and today I stopped by the farmers market (she sells her products at the local farmers market at VVC every Thursday from 8am-12) to pick it up, and she handed me a very pretty, hand-written letter , and this is what it said:

“Everything changed once I had my angel, Creedence. Not only did I worry about what I was putting into my body, but now I had to think about what I was putting on OUR bodies. It stopped being just about me, and now it was about US. When you start researching the chemicals used to make most body care and household products, it’s pretty easy to make the switch to toxin-free. That’s what I’m all about. No toxic chemicals or additives in ANY of my products. I will aways have you and your family in mind.

Now the name!

“Free bird”

A rather tough, but memorable subject for me. I lost my only brother when I was seventeen years old, and that really changed me. After years of coping, I am now able to commemorate him by using our song as the name for my business. He was a “free bird”, and I will always remember him that way. Please know all your support is more than appreciated. Thank you for shopping small and helming me keep up with my little family. Enjoy!”


You can order Freebird Remedies here at: 

Check out this awesome little shoot of some of her products, and her beautiful baby, Creedence!

Everything is given to you in such pretty packaging!



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